Getting Started
Our first step is to understand your goals and expectations. As a prospective client, you may have a rough idea of what you are hoping to achieve in a construction project as well as expectations for cost and timeframe.
As we learn more about your individual needs, several solutions will emerge.  We‘ll work together with you to select the best option for you and then begin the planning phase.

Project Planning
Careful project planning is extremely important as it will save you time and money. During this phase we will define a high level plan and identify key components and critical interdependencies. We’ll also work together with you to answer some important questions such as:
What is the price range for your project?
What will your home look like when we’re done?
Are there ways to segment the work into phases that can be managed and funded as separate projects?
Finally, what are the finishing details that will give your home that special look and feel you envision?

Developing the Proposal
Once you decide to go forward with Framework Solutions, we will develop a more detailed cost estimate and schedule in the form of a draft proposal.  The draft will contain information to help you make choices for the scope and sequence of your project.
After the scope is agreed upon, we will produce a formal proposal. Our formal proposals often include detailed drawings, photos, a list of allowances, a list of what is included as well as a list of what is not included.
At this stage, we will also provide a timetable of events or milestones as well as a payment schedule.


Once you approve the formal proposal, we will launch the construction phase of the project. Now it’s time to turn your vision into reality!
During the construction phase you will be intimately involved in the selection of materials, appliances, fixtures, colors, textures and a variety of other important details. To simplify these choices for you, we will offer as much help as you would like to accept.
Should you decide to alter the plan in a substantial way, we will provide you with a change request that will explain the impact to the current proposal. Once you authorize the change request, we will update the plan. Again, we will help you make these decisions.
We don't consider the project completed until you review our work and sign off on the end result.

Post Construction
We hope to add you to our growing list of satisfied customers.
We will be available for warranty support, punch list work and general questions regarding any of the materials, appliances and fixtures we install.
We will apply the very best of our prior project experiences to deliver results that will ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

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